Thursday, February 16, 2012

Snow at Lennox Woods!

All winter I have been hoping we would get snow this year. It usually snows each winter once or twice. But not always, and it doesn't last long. So when the forecast called for snow Sunday night, I went on alert. I woke about 4 AM Monday and sure enough, there were a couple of inches on the ground. I intended to wake Steve around 6 so we could get to the Woods by dawn, but he was up before then and we headed out about 6:30. It was about 35 degrees and still lightly snowing.

As luck would have it, Allen Phillips (the filmmaker for the project) was out of town! I texted him on the way and just before we lost the signal, he texted back "No way!". So, the video you see here is just a few minutes of the roughly one hour of video we took. Hopefully Allen can turn it into something a bit more artistic!

It looked just the way I had imagined it would. And it was so quiet. It always is, but the snow and heavy atmosphere muffled all the usual forest sounds.

Untitled from Deborah Paris on Vimeo.


  1. There's a lovely sense of serenity in the woods with the snow...

  2. Angus our cat was very restless last night he had come in from the snow covered garden and wanted to stay out all of last night. He finally settled on my knee when I played your lovely video of the first snow fall at Lennox woods. He watched with great interest and heard the sounds of the dripping snow on the water and perhaps heard more than the human ear can hear. Finally he nodded off after I played it a couple of times. Seeing the woods like this with their first snow fall is just like a scene from the woods close to our home, that could be why Angus felt so much at home when viewing your video. This is indeed a calm and beautiful place within the snow.

  3. Caroline- what a lovely story about Angus! I always love to hear about him, and it is nice that he enjoyed the video!