Sunday, February 12, 2012

"In our current culture, all too often, we think that everything that needs exploration and examination in nature has been discovered. It is true that our natural areas in the United States have been mapped and explored, but that should really be the first chapter in our book of appreciating, understanding, and preserving our natural surroundings. That is why Deborah Paris’ Lennox Woods project is so worthy of our attention. Deborah is continuing the 19th century tradition of artist/explorer that was so essential in bringing to the attention of the American public the value of nature in our own back yards. I invite you to join us in a year long journey, as seen through the artist’s eyes, as she interprets this ancient forest in our own Texas. Let’s take the time to watch, listen, and learn about Lennox Woods and in turn be the recipients of the bountiful gifts these ancient woods hold for us. "

Paula Kornye Tillman
Art Historian/ Gallery Owner
February 5, 2012

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